4 Responses to “The Tsunami Tiger”
  1. cgreen says:

    Girls you have created a powerful comparison and used your ideas skilfully for effect. The use of repetition of the words waiting, so quiet and listening add atmosphere and contrast. When you record check you can hear every line clearly and that some lines are not rushed.

  2. Annabelle says:

    Well Done Annabelle, Gabriela, Charlotte and Laetitia. I really liked some of the expression you put in and I could visualise the tiger as a tsunami on its prey! In some places you were a bit too quick and in other places there was no expression but over all – Well Done.

  3. Alice Overend says:

    Well done girls, it was great but I thought that Laetitia was very quiet and at some places you were too quick and you had no expression.

  4. Luis says:

    Well done.
    Next time you have to pronounce it clearer.

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